Top Adventure Trails In Colorado

For travelers who love hiking, there are few greater places in the US than the gorgeous state of Colorado. There are so many trails here covering so many different types of terrains that it can be truly overwhelming to try to plan your journey. This is the rare case where there are almost too many trails, and you will want to choose carefully in order to make sure you’ve got all the trails that will suit you on your end schedule. So if you’re planning a motorhome rental journey in Colorado then you should definitely take into account these top trails and also look to see which specialty trails will fit your tastes.

Longs Peak

Standing at almost 15,000 feet, Longs Peak is one of the highest mountains in a state full of them. This is also one of the top visited peaks in the state. This is definitely not a hike for beginners, covering 15 miles and reaching up to 5,000 feet in elevation. But the benefits are many, including sweeping views, majestic boulder fields that stretch on as far as the eye can see, and the infamous Keyhole section which is like no sight you’ve ever seen before, guaranteed. One you hit the trail, it won’t take you long to figure out why so many thousands of avid hikers hit up Long’s Peak each year in an attempt to reach the elusive summit.

Mount Bierstadt

If you wanted a mountain hike that is a little more forgiving but no less majestic, then Bierstadt will be for you. Standing at 14,000 feet this summit is certainly no slouch, but the journey to the top is easier to handle due to the lack of steep inclines and obtrusive rocks. This is a sic mile hike that even inexperienced hikers will be able to tackle without too much difficulty. As a matter of fact, this peak is often used as a training ground for individuals who are looking to get a bit of training in before hitting the higher and more difficult trails in the region. This isn’t to say that the scenery here isn’t fully stunning, with rolling green hills and postcard-perfect valets and peaks along the way. Make sure to bring your best camera for this one, since this is very easily some of the most terrific rural landscapes in the entire state.

Lizard Head Pass

This is an extinct volcano and one of the most unique rock formations in the state. Cresting at 13,000 stunning feet, the peak is made easier to reach by a shortcut trail that cuts your hike to just 3.5 miles. Plus, the trail starts out flat for almost a quarter of that distance, making it a rather forgiving journey. One thing to note is that once the trail hits an incline, it does get a bit tough for inexperienced hikers. But it’s fully worth it to reach the peak of this unique and stunning formation that has long been a Colorado legend.

Black Canyon

This relatively obscure national park is a favorite for those in the know who are looking for a truly unique experience on their motorhome rental Colorado journey. If you’re getting tired of constantly hiking up, then this park will allow you to hike downward which drops downward into an epic canyon formation with deep fresh rivers and unbelievable rock formations. There are a number of trails that lead down into the canyon, all of them downward scrambles. So if you’re into this type of hike or just want to get in a much different experience than your average Colorado mountain hiking, then this region is definitely recommended for you. These trails are often much less crowded than the others since those are more popular, so this is definitely another selling point.

Bison Peak

If you’ve never seen a picture of Bison peak, then you should definitely take a look at one before you rule out this trail. These stunning rock towers are like something from another world. Plus, the hike may be long but it’s actually quite manageable for hikers with little experience. There are a number of serene alpine meadows along the way, and the payoff at the end of the trail is reaching these fully unique formations that are unmatched anywhere else in the world. This is definitely a trail that offers the best of what Colorado has in its stunning hiking arsenal.

No avid hiker should go their life without hitting up the thrilling, scenic, and challenging trails of the great state of Colorado. Any motor home rental journey here should be carefully planned so that you can take in the best trails that suit your specific tastes. You never have to worry about variety when it comes to Colorado, as the entire state is just jam packed with fantastic trails.

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